All earlier missions are now updated!

All my earlier FCSP missions are now updated and can be found in the Steam Workshop and the other places shown on this site’s section “Links” and “Download”. 

The modifications are much about to make the the missions more interesting and challenging; for example how the AI on the enemies behaves and restrict certain resources. An example; your artillery or fighter jet groups, now only can be used after certain events to avoid tasks to be too easy (to smash all the enemies air power still standing on the ground on it’s bases in the beginning of the round is an example of such thing!).

Another new thing that add both to the challenging factor and the feeling is a own design mechanism for randomizing whether and time in the beginning a the rounds.  • Randomized weather and time system (my own design) at game start. Some possibilities to influence weather and time of day during game play using “radio buttons”.

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