Strategy ideas

A few ideas to get you started 😉

» If initial spawn is at the airport you can let your group enter a chopper and wait there passively while you take a jet by yourself and the try taking out targets (AA-vehicles as primary targets) and if you got shot down order your group to pick you up and continue the mission from there. Don’t forget to bring a parachute…

» Use the huge transport chopper CH-49 Mohawk to lift “tanks” to strategic locations. The tank can be manned already before the lift so it can start fight immediately when it on ground again. Tip: choose “fly and drop routes” really carefully; the risk of draw attention is huge! (When any of the enemy troops are spotting someone on your side that will mean different kind of units will start “defence activities”) 

» Use full infiltration infantry recon based strategy. That means disembark from any vehicles and continue on foot when the slightest risk exist to being spotted since enemy/Opfor units when discover Blufor units will call in far support gradually. Give order to your group use stealth mode when you are at risk to be discovered. Try to knock out targets without give the enemy chance to call in for reinforcements; without being discovered. For example call in for artillery or really clean hits with suitable weapons for the target.

» The above “full infiltration infantry recon based strategy” can also be used to “soften the enemy up” by search the idle forces that are waiting for orders in the areas more or less far from the main target area. This strategy can be really moody, interesting and cosy pre-missions for to the main objective battle but also time consuming.

» Make all your units attack simultaneously! This can be effective to achieve the advantages of saturate the enemy; make huge part the enemy units busy; the fact the enemy has really many targets to manage can diminish the risk for individual units to be hit. This can be a fast method to perform fast results in the task list but will surely also mean huge losses of friendly forces… For example it’s quite likely that all own air forces and most armour forces will be lost early in that sort of attack… Is it worth it?

» General strategic tip: All armoured groups; tanks and artillery has AA-vehicle as protection from attacks from air BUT that would NOT be enough. Its highly recommended to order your forces to patrol near those units but still out of reach from target areas AA-missiles.

» FCSP-missions are more fun if you know how to command the AI-groups. Here’s pedagogic guide!



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